March 17, 2021

Rubber Bullet March 2021

Spring is nearly here!

It’s lighter in the evenings, nature is starting to blossom, and lockdown is looking close to being over. To get you through, we have handpicked some of our favourite content from the month for you.

Check out this sweet documentary from The New Yorker about love from a couple who have owned a plant shop in NYC for 44 years.

An excellent explainer from Vox about why the potential side effects of vaccines are actually a good thing! Super relevant and reassuring.

We might be sick of endless reboots and origin stories… but inject this origin story of Cruella de Vil starring the brilliant Emma Stone right into my veins.

One more time! February brought us the news that the influential Daft Punk is no longer. Spice up your night with this incredible set from 2006.

Marcus Rashford showed in 2020 why he is one of the most important role models in football today by fighting for free school meals. Check out his profile for TIME magazine.

Check out this excellent explainer from The Verge about the memeification of the stock market and the GameStop fiasco.

Positive Stories

Wombats have been hailed as heroes in Australia during a water drought in New South Wales, as their digging has revealed water wells. By revealing these water sources, animals such as kangaroos have been saved from thirst.

A Kenyan company has been developing bricks from plastic waste, which is almost 5 to 7 times stronger than concrete. The company gets the waste for free and converts it into 1,500 bricks per day.

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