June 9, 2021

Rubber Bullet | June 2021

It’s ice cream season! 🍦

To celebrate the summer months, here is a whopper edition of our newsletter filled with content to get you feeling all kinds of summer vibes ✌️

Friends has returned for a special reunion episode, celebrating the history of this iconic sitcom. Check out this exclusive feature from People Magazine featuring the whole cast.

One of the more bizarre stories of last year came when Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought Wrexham AFC in the goal of making it the greatest football team of all time. Check out a teaser for the upcoming docuseries for FX.

What do people from all around the world think of America’s response to Climate Change? The New York Times asked people from diverse backgrounds across the world to find out.

Looking for a new computer? Check out tech-wizard Marques Brownlee’s review of the all new M1 IMac, featuring snazzy colours ripped from the summer of love!

What happens to plastic pollution in the ocean? Vox asks and investigates, why is 99% of ocean plastic pollution missing?

Billie Ellish is already a legend. Her fandom has grown to incredible heights and gathered a massive amount of celebrity fans, check out this Q&A featuring questions from Justin Bieber, Halle Berry and Denzel Curry.

Positive News!Could seaweed be a future fuel source? A growing number of scientists believe that the fast-growing and space-saving crop could feed and fuel the planet in the future.

A win for medical science! PTSD therapy is about to be revolutionised with a study into the use of MDMA proving high levels of efficacy when treating chronic and delayed-onset post-traumatic stress.

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