February 16, 2021

Rubber Bullet | February 2021

You made it!

January didn’t want to end, did it? We got the bluest month out of the way, but we saw lots of awesome content which made us think, laugh and educate us. Here are our top picks!

Doctor Mike is a wholesome tonic to a rubbish day. Check out this awesome healthcare worker reacting to some brilliant and awful medical memes.

We all love a cheeky trip to IKEA. But how sustainable is IKEA? How is it improving? Bloomberg quick takes explain!

After the Capitol riots in the US, big tech stepped in to put Trump and his supporters in check by banning them. Vox explains what will happen next…

Megan Thee Stallion took the world by storm in 2020, check it out as she goes undercover on her socials.

Danny MacAskill returns with an epic adventure across Dubh Slabs on the Isle of Skye. Expect some breathtaking visuals!

Positive News

Want some guilt-free chocolate? Tony’s Chocolonely is making delicious chocolate 100% slavery-free. Their chocolate strives to disrupt the traditional supply chains of chocolate manufacturing while still making the best chocolate. We recommend the pretzel flavour!

Who would have thought we would be talking Sea Shanties in 2021? This wholesome trend has been a light in a very dark year. The Postman who started the trend has now quit his job to pursue an epic music career.

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