August 21, 2008

RR Channel 4 project goes into beta

Drum roll . . .
Rubber Republic are pleased (and relieved) to announce the beta launch of .

4mations is a video-sharing site aimed at bringing together the best animation from around the world. The project is a collaboration between Channel 4, Aardman animations and Lupus Films and there are all sorts of rewards for people who upload their work: cash prizes for popular content, competitions, opportunities to pitch for commissions, even the chance to get on telly.

So far there’ve been hundreds of animations uploaded. Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding loads of new features and content as we get ready to for the full public launch in mid-September.

We’d really appreciate it if you checked out the site, and gave us any feedback – to help us iron out any problems before the public launch. As one of the first 400 invitees from around the world, we’ve created a cute “4mations 400” badge for you to wear (on your blog) with pride!

You can download your badge from our cat-friendly goody-bag here

+ you can have a gander at our blog here