August 13, 2012

Republican Update

Last month, you may recall, we were looking for a shiny new Republican to join our tight knit team of remarkable humans at Rubber Republic. The response was fantastic and it’s just so lovely to know there were so many people interested in coming to join us.

The application bit of this is now over, which is kind of sad because we did kind of like getting to know new people, but it’s cool because we’ve got a shortlist of wonderful new talent that we think could slot in nicely at our HQ.

If you applied and didn’t get through/meet us, then please don’t fret, the competition was really tough and you’re more than welcome to apply again when something else comes up.

If you didn’t get to apply in time, just keep checking the blog and Twitter for current jobs, or head over to our Tumblr, and console yourself with kittens.