June 17, 2013

Reddit Mondays: #2 – Speak the language.

Most online forums, groups and communities have their own methods of communication. Little memes, in-jokes and acronyms that can be intimidating to the outside user, but hey, that’s pretty much the whole Internet.

Reddit is no different. So here’s a handy guide to keep you out of trouble.

Means ‘original poster’ E.g. the person who started the thread. In most cases, the OP will be flamed for existing or posting anything in the first place. Also worth noting that sometimes the OP will promise something (E.g. pictures) and this will usually spark a flood of ‘OP will surely deliver’ memes.


Too long, didn’t read. Used to summarise a huge wall of text. Also used as a troll response to someone who’s waffling on about something without getting to the point.


Today I learned. A sub on Reddit where (sometimes) interesting facts are posted. See here for more.


Used to signify stupidity. E.g. Herp derp hurrr.

The Narwhal Bacons at Midnight

Phrase used in public or outside of Reddit that can be used to identify yourself as a Redditor.


Used to agree with someone or something. Usually written as a stand alone statement. (Then usually accompanied with a barrage of downvotes.)


Great subreddit where interesting people answer questions from the community. Notable AMAs include Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Astronaut Chris Hadfield (who did it from space, like a boss).

So, hopefully that helps you on your way. Next week I’ll be sharing some of my most favourite (clean) Subreddits with you and talking about customising your Reddit experience.