January 13, 2021

Reasons to be positive about Climate in 2021

It’s a new year! However, we still need to build pressure on combating the Climate Crisis to ensure a greener future and a hospitable planet for future generations. There is much work to be done, but there is progress to celebrate and reasons to be cheerful. 

1) The COVID-19 pandemic and animal welfare. 

The pandemic has brought many negatives but has made us examine our relationship to nature and animal welfare in particular. In response to the pandemic, China and Vietnam have brought in new regulations to combat animal trafficking and consumption. It has also calibrated our perceptions to understand how our health intertwines with our relationship with nature.

What can you do? Participate in Veganary or reduce your meat consumption to stop promoting the reliance on animals in our food production. Want to get involved and get some delicious meal tips? Find out here:

2) A new President! 

Not just a relief to the world (for various reasons), came in November 2020 when Donald Trump was defeated by the now President-elect Joe Biden in the US election. Joe Biden has a much more progressive view on the Climate Crisis than his predecessor who often claimed it was a ‘hoax’ and a ‘scam’. Biden has already expressed that he wants to bring the US back into the Paris Climate Agreement and support a Green New Deal. 

What can you do? Write to your local MP or local representative to ask them to support a Green Recovery and a Green New Deal. Find out here how you can help Build Back Better:

3) COP26 

Due to the pandemic, The 2020 COP conference in Glasgow, was postponed. However, in 2021 we will see this crucial conference take place as nations come together to assess the situation and build plans to achieve the goals set out by the Paris Agreement. 

What can you do? Support Mock COP26, a youth run event which filled the void of the postponement of COP in 2020. They have some big plans for 2021, find out more here:

4) Renewable energy is now the cheapest energy source

In 2020, The International Energy Agency expressed that ‘energy from solar sources is now the cheapest electricity in history’. As nations ramp up their renewable energy infrastructure and offerings it will cannibalise the fossil fuel energy market and become the dominant source. 

What can you do? Switch your energy provider now! The UK has a fantastic range of dedicated clean energy providers, you might also end up saving on your energy bills too.

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