November 28, 2018

Ralph + eBay + DanTDM = A marriage made in Rubber!

OK. Perhaps an extremely civil partnership created by Rubber Republic that exemplifies our belief that entertainment will outperform advertising every time.

Three years ago Rubber Republic helped eBay broker an ongoing partnership with Disney. It was based on our YouTube Creator led strategy to allow all parties (eBay UK + Disney + YouTuber) to maximise the creative potential they could collectively unlock and engage audiences of several million fans around the world.

This week the latest component in our latest eBay UK x Disney project for ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ launches.

It is without doubt our most ambitious convergence of entertainment & marketing to date.

eBay was already fundamental in the plot of Ralph Breaks The Internet (you can’t have the internet without eBay right?); so our proposal to eBay UK was to do something truly remarkabkle with one of the world’s most famous YouTubers & lover of all things internet: DanTDM – To put him in the film itself! We would then document this and encourage his legions of fans to get involved to positively benefit a worthwhile cause.


DanTDM , who rarely does brand partnerships, is a long-time supporter of Make-A-Wish UK: the charity who realise the wishes of seriously ill children – he also happens to be one of their most requested celebrities – so it was clear from the outset what this cause should be.

Despite this idea coming fairly late in the movie production schedule; Disney UK and Walt Disney Animation Studios moved heaven and earth to make this happen. Within weeks of suggesting this, DanTDM was on his way to Burbank to voice a UK cameo (playing a character called eBoy) with the film-makers Rich Moore & Phil Johnston.

And while he was out in the US the ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ character design team also created a very special avatar of DanTDM to inspired a range of limited edition t-shirts and artworks that will be sold exclusively on 100% of the proceeds going to the charity.

Fans can also donate £1 and as a special thank-you from Dan himself their names will appear on a video to be released on his YouTube channel just before Christmas.

The final cherry on the cake will be a very special screening of ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ for those critically ill children whose wish was to meet him in person.

The DanTDM activation sits within a much wider social video campaign Rubber Republic has also produced content for, to celebrate the launch of the movie; including Black Friday and more commercially focused short form videos across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

These things take team effort and huge amount of goodwill. We have helped build up that goodwill over the years and are an integral part of the team that delivered it. This isn’t integrated marketing anymore, this is integrated entertainment (that really works with the marketing).

This proves our core beliefs at Rubber Republic, think about the audience first, get the entertainment right and magic will happen.

If you are interested in talking more about this and why we think brands getting into entertainment is the only way they can safeguard themselves from being cut out of the consumer loop then we would love to chat further.