June 29, 2021

Race to Zero

Want some good news on climate? 

We worked with the UN-backed #RacetoZero campaign to create an impactful (zero carbon) film celebrating the first anniversary of this huge global project.  

The #RacetoZero has encouraged an incredible 4,500 organisations, including Apple, Amazon and Netflix, to commit to halving global emissions by 2030 and race us towards a healthier, fairer, safer, more natural and joy-filled world. 

In the build-up to the critical COP26 summit, #RacetoZero marks the largest climate action coalition in history. The campaign’s contributors collectively cover nearly 25% of global CO2 emissions and over 50% of GDP. 

We delivered a film that offered flexibility to be shown on a variety of screen sizes without compromise, from optimised versions for social channels built for phone screens to the largest advertising display in Europe at Piccadilly Circus!

The film was created entirely from recycled or archived footage, with all production powered by 100% renewable electricity in the UK. We also worked with @WeAreAlbert to ensure the production received an Albert Carbon Neutral Sustainable Production Certificate. Check it out below: