November 26, 2021

Race To Zero | COP26


At this vital moment in global negotiations when we really need leaders to step up, we created this Carbon Neutral film to support Race To Zero and Race To Resilience’s ‘Racing To A Better World’ event at COP26. The event demonstrated to leaders that this transition is technologically possible, economically viable and socially beneficial.

Watch the film here:

This is an emergency. Will we do what it takes to respond in time and reach a better world?

The event set out a 5 year plan to accelerate progress over the next decade with speeches from the President of COP26 Alok Sharma, Nicola Sturgeon, Sadiq Khan, António Guterres, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Vanessa Nakate and the High Level Climate Champions.

This decade needs to see significant new commitments from leaders within the real economy. Addressing mitigation, adaptation & mobilization before moving towards mass implementation that will drive us towards a better world.

After the event, the film was shared across social media by the United Nations Climate Change social accounts and by COP26’s socials.