December 16, 2009

Publicis and the YouTube Bear Pit

Everyone has an inner-agency-bitch. Your inner-bitch is most likely to surface when you see another agency’s work. If the work’s from an agency you like you’ll irrationally love it. If it’s from an agency you hate – hate stemming largely from the fact that they work in the same industry as you and are not you – then you’ll irrationally hate it. If you happen to see the piece of work on YouTube then you’ll be irrationally driven to write some kind of hate-filled illogical bile in the comments section to make yourself feel better. If you’re even more cunning, in your hateful state you’ll use your secret anonymous YouTube account and make the comment sound like it’s from a real person – rather than from an irrational agency bitch – making the comment even more hurtful for the maker of the work.

All of which leads me nicely to Publicis’ Christmas video – a tongue-in-cheek festive take on a classic internet meme. Or, in the words of YouTube commenters “a bag of bollocks” (Mattycfox) made by “. . .a bunch of talentless c*nts.” (MonsterMozz). Obviously Mattycfox and MonsterMozz’s eloquent use of language immediately outs them as (not very good) agency copy-writers in disguise . . .

The problem with industry virals outwardly created by agencies is that they’re a magnet for inner-agency-bitches. Which is annoying, as these kinds of comments are irrational and illogical and a waste of time. Publicis’ staff Christmas video was just that – a Christmas video made as a bit of fun by agency staff, based on a popular YouTube meme. Nothing more.

So if I had one wish for the New Year – other than world peace – then it would be STOP ANONYMOUS AGENCY BITCHING AS IT’S FRICKING POINTLESS, a little bit hurtful and not really that amusing.