March 20, 2007

PS3 buzz kicks of

It’s interesting to see Sony’s Playstation 3 buzz start rolling. The campaign, through TBWA, has started (as far as we’ve seen) via a mix of unbranded TV ads that link through to a campaign teaser microsite –
– including what looks like a film trailer, and a “sign up for more” function.

As a strategy this is a great use of pre-campaign buzz, whetting the appetite of key influencers / brand advocates before the launch of the main campaign.

The creative of the campaign is also pretty spot on – which you might expect from an agency like TBWA. I love the drama of the film trailer-esque clip on the microsite – with it’s teasing narrative set up which makes the viewer ask what next, compelling them to sign up for updates, and starting them on the campaign / brand narrative . . .

All super interesting + I wait in eager anticipation for the next steps of the narrative, which is due out on March 23rd