Yorkshire Tea : Attract The Gruffalo

An extensive guide on how to attract the Gruffalo to your local forest or wood! The Daily Mail

The Fun Stuff

For this playful film, we worked with FINN Communications to engage parents with Yorkshire Tea’s Gruffalo partnership and “Yorkshire Tree” tree planting project. To celebrate Yorkshire Tea’s campaign in which 1 million trees are being planted across the UK and Kenya, in partnership with schools, over 5 years, we helped parents engage their children (or children engage their parents 😉 with the positive campaign.

The Serious Bit

The film gained over 1 million views, which was massive considering this was a relatively small project. Along with the great work from FINN it made the campaign as a whole a huge success and helped lots of trees get planted.

The Stats

  • 1 Million Views
  • 333:1 Share Ratio

The Media

  • Daily Mail