Wunder : Refresh the feed

Do you want a social media platform that works for your wellbeing AND the planet?

Like us, you’re probably burnt out from social media and wish that it was a positive space that isn’t owned by egotistical billionaires who are compiling a astronomical tower of money and damaging our democracy. 

Enter Wunder, the world’s first fully verified social media app and is designed to make the world a happier place.

Wunder is a platform designed to make a difference and address the well-documented shortcomings of other platforms whilst also giving you quick, direct access to causes you care about. 

We worked with Wunder to explain their journey in an humorous explainer film which you can find above

Keep your eyes peeled on for when the app launches!

The Stats

– Achieved the highest ever pre-launch value on ‘seedrs’ (£25 million)

– Carbon Neutral Film