Waterbear | Greenwash : Explained With Hamsters

What is the difference between green action and green ‘action’? 

The dangers of greenwashing are growing with the European Commission believing that 42% of companies’ sustainability claims were exaggerated, false or misleading. As the problem grows, it has become harder to identify. 

So we did the only logical thing and recruited some of the world’s top business hamsters to help explain how to spot businesses and industries that are greenwashing. 

With VO from Jolyon Rubinstein, we explore our furry friend’s hometown of Hutchville and expose various questionable practices these cute rodents are using to mislead customers about their climate credentials. 

‘Greenwash Explained With Hamsters’ was commissioned by our friends at WaterBear, the world’s first streaming service dedicated to the future of our planet and is part of our strand of work exploring using comedy as a tool to unlock strong action on the climate crisis. 

You can watch the film for free on WaterBear here.

Back in the real world, on our journey to a better future, it’s critical to identify green-speak, call it out, and demand concrete climate action. Handily countries are passing laws to help hold businesses to account – try searching for “Green Claims Laws” where you live. We’ve listed some of the major ones below.

(If anyone asks, just say the hamsters sent you)

UK: Green Claims Code

USA: FTC Green Guides

Europe: European Green Deal

New Zealand: Environmental Claims Guideline

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