Triodos Bank : Social Video 2020

How can your money build a better future?

In 2020, we continued our relationship with Triodos Bank, building a confetti splashed portfolio of content including dinosaurs, cakes galore and the legendary Sir Mark Rylance. Here are some highlights:

Recommend a Friend

2020 marked Triodos Bank’s 25th anniversary. To celebrate, we enlisted the help of Oscar-winning actor (and proud Triodos customer) Sir Mark Rylance, along with Mya-Rose Craig (aka Birdgirl) and City to Sea founder Natalie Fee. 

Coupled with a selection of passionate Triodos customers, it’s inspiring to see the bank’s passionate community communicate the bank’s commitment to positive change. 

Don’t be a fossil fool!

Triodos Bank does things differently from other banks. The industry has ploughed £150 million in the fossil fuel industry in just the UK alone since 2016. To put this in perspective, we decided to explain the scale of the problem using dinosaurs and cake, all while making a big clean up problem in the process.

Change your Bank, Change the World

We worked with the passionate climate activist and Triodos customer Lily Cole to deliver her views on why we need to collectively work together to reduce carbon emissions to reduce a rise in global temperature. 


Messaging Films

For our first project with Triodos Bank, we crafted a selection of films to test what qualities of the business grabs the audience’s attention. We believe that a pinch of experimentation can help inform other aspects of strategy and creative going forward. Check out our favourite of the bunch below.