Top Eleven : Mourinho VR Prank

Getting inside the head of José Mourinho

The Fun Stuff

If you were to go head-to-head with one of the world’s greatest football managers, how would you fair?

Taking that challenge quite literally, we created a hostile post-match press conference in VR into which we immersed some superfans to field questions. But when the VR goggles came off they found themselves face-to-face with José Mourinho himself. And their reactions were priceless! Which helped the film get over eight million views and seventy thousand of shares.

Contractually, Top Eleven only have 30 minutes annually with José Mourinho, so every minute counts. Our creative concept was designed for Mourinho to be fully involved, but did not require any more than his allotted time. As it turned out he seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience and was very generous with his time afterwards.

Because this was a ‘surprise’, keeping the fans and Mourinho apart until the moment of reveal was absolutely critical …however this was nearly ruined when José disappeared to make a private phone call in the very room we were keeping our protagonists in!

The Serious Bit

Limited time with talent and a desire to out perform what we achieved the year before put some serious creative constraints on us. But this helped shape an idea that got to the very heart of Top Eleven: to get inside the head of an elite football management!

Using a highly targeted PR strategy and initially seeding the film though the owned network of Top Eleven gamers our film exceeded the KPIs set and became Top Eleven’s most viewed video on Facebook.

The Stats

  • 8.7 Million Views
  • 118:1 Share Ratio

The Media