Fiat : The Fatherhood

Fiat has done an exceptional job of explaining the woes of fatherhood with good humour. AutoMotive

The Fun Stuff

To create a follow up to The Motherhood we tackled another reality of parenting, but this time for all the fathers out there. Again working with Krow Communications we conceived ‘The Fatherhood’.

We then wrote lyrics and 80′s style music to tell the story of a tired father sent out to drive his children to sleep. As he begins to reminisce about his youth (whilst feeling a little bit exhausted) he finds himself in an 80′s music video. As you do.

The final film is peppered with Kate Bush references and a few other little easter eggs. Our producer even donned the (now infamous) unicorn suit.

The Serious Bit

The film gained over 2.4 million views, and was highly shared, as well as gaining press coverage from Huffington Post to the Daily Mail, plus parenting blogs.

It also saw our Production Manager donning makeup and playing the Keytar, which he did with surprising relish.

The Stats

  • 2.4 Million Views
  • 75:1 Share Ratio

The Media