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The Fun Stuff

While Elon was busy testing his SpaceX rockets, and Richard was selling early-bird tickets on Virgin Galactic, we thought we’d venture into space travel and pioneered space camping.

Vango tents approached us to help them make some noise online about their super light and strong Airbeam tents. So we worked with them and a clever team from Southampton University to send a two-man Airbeam tent stratospheric.

Manned by an intrepid crew of handcrafted cosmonauts; the tent was launched near Oban in Scotland and traveled over 100,000 feet into near space before hurtling back down to earth in the Scottish wilderness.

The film is all real, and the whole crew, lead by an optimistic Scotsman had to trek 10k into snow covered mountains to retrieve the tent the first time, as it landed right side up halfway up a mountain. The second time it landed in a farmers field near Paisley and footage shows the farmer watching it coming down, walking over, taking a peak inside and then walking off. Must happen all the time in that neck of the woods!

The Serious Bit

The film gained 365k views online, and was a hit within the camping community. It’s also been one of our most loved films at events.

The Stats

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