Rubber Republic : Doctors in Rebellion

40,000 people a year die in the UK due to climate change, and that’s going to rise. We asked Doctors how are health and climate connected?

“Air pollution and climate change go hand in hand with air pollution from fossil fuel burning”
said Dr. Suren Kanagasundaram, a kidney consultant from the North East.

 Four medical doctors are part of an ever-growing medical community supporting Extinction Rebellion. These doctors are fresh from the streets of London, where they protested and got arrested alongside an increasing number of professionals worldwide.

The doctors say that the increasingly hostile Climate and Ecological Emergency will create a health crisis of epic proportions, straining the NHS and leading to a mounting death toll in the UK . They took part in the protests to encourage the government to act now.

 The medical community is now beginning to act around the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Newcastle NHS Trust recently became the first to declare a Climate Emergency in the UK and globally. The Royal College of Physicians announced on October 16th that they will divest from fossil fuels.

“I also have a lot of hope we can act and we can change things and we can create a much more positive future” said Deepa Shah. “But the problem is not going to go away so we have two choices; we do nothing, or we act now. It’s as simple as that” says Richmond.

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