Rubber Republic : 83 YO REBEL

Badass Grandpa Strikes Back!

Phil Kingston returns! The world’s most rebellious Grandpa (now 83) strikes again. This time watch as Phil engages in high stakes protesting on behalf of the planet’s future.

April 2019: Phil Kingston is planning to stand up for the world alongside a cheeky band of brave rebels in Central London, his plans will take him from the effervescent ground zero of the Extinction Rebellion movement (Oxford Circus) to a blistering finale, armed only with a peanut butter sandwich.

We hear from Phil’s peers and friends as we follow Phil through his energising journey, which doesn’t stop when the credits roll. We are facing a climate emergency and have 11 years to turn back the tide before we fail and create irreversible damage to our planet. Phil’s story is unique as he approaches this monumental challenge with electric humour and cheekiness with the aim of inciting his audience to do more.

Want to join in on Phil’s actions? Find out how here:

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