Race to Zero : One Year Anniversary

Want some good news on climate? 

We worked with the UN-backed #RacetoZero campaign to create an impactful (zero carbon) film celebrating the first anniversary of this huge global project. 

The #RacetoZero has encouraged an incredible 4,500 organisations, including Apple, Amazon and Netflix, to commit to halving global emissions by 2030 and race us towards a healthier, fairer, safer, more natural and joy-filled world. 

We delivered a film that offered flexibility to be shown on a variety of screen sizes without compromise, from optimised versions for social channels built for phone screens to the largest advertising display in Europe at Piccadilly Circus!

The Stats

  • Film was premiered on the largest advertising screen in Europe at rush hour.
  • Carbon Neutral Film

The film was created entirely from recycled or archived footage, with all production powered by 100% renewable electricity in the UK. We also worked with @WeAreAlbert to ensure the production received an Albert Carbon Neutral Sustainable Production Certificate.