On Road Media and Frameworks : How to Talk about Climate

How can you talk about Climate to make a difference?

On Road Media do amazing work sharing useful information with culturally influential people to create change. This is such a powerful and important thing to do right now when we’re all in danger of feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to move forward. We created this film with OnRoad to demonstrate how important the way we communicate the Climate Crisis is to unlocking action in ourselves and our audiences. 

Supported by research from the Frameworks Institute and presented by Gillian Burke, we explored this idea by conducting a social experiment. We asked a collection of people, ‘do you think we can tackle climate change?’ twice but with either a positive or a negative primer each time. 

You can see the surprisingly powerful results of this social experiment in the film, which was also made to raise awareness of Onroad’s new report distilling research on how to communicate effectively on the climate into six simple tips. You can download the free report here.