Mock COP : My Climate Reality

Can seeing the effects of the Climate Crisis up close motivate more people to take action?

#MyClimateReality, created in collaboration with a host of frontline Climate Activists from Mock COP, and produced with Picture Zero and SOS, tells groundbreaking VR stories of youth activists from around the world being affected by the Climate Crisis right now, and how they are actively resisting on the ground. 

We worked with young activists from across five different countries to tell their stories of climate change. In their own words, they told us their determination for climate justice and demonstrated the incredible leadership they are showing in the face of the climate crisis. 

Their passion and bravery was shown to audiences at COP26 in the green and blue zones. The audience were immersed as they were transported around the world to come face-to-face and listen with these remarkable activists. 

The Stats

  • Featured highlight in COP26’s Green Space
  • Engaged attendees at COP to experience the lives of Young Activists
  • Social campaign during COP26
  • Carbon Neutral VR film made over six countries

Not at COP? The films are available for online in 360 immersive video below*: 



Bea Dolores is a nature-loving artist and advocate living in an island country beside the vast Pacific Ocean, the Philippines. Bea shows us the destruction which Typhoon Goni brought last year as COP26 was cancelled and shows us the reality of the deadly storm seasons. 



Rakesh Chalwadi is a waste picker from Pune. He shows us how his home has changed from massive piles of waste being dumped into landfill every day and how he is acting to fight back against it. 



Txai is a member of the Movement of Indigenous Youth of Rondônia. She fights for climate justice as her territories are destroyed to fuel the illegal timber and farming trade. Txai tells us how tradition and wisdom have helped reforest territories and indigenous voices have to be at the heart of the climate discourse. 



Daniela is a Colombian climate activist and member of the Archuaca people. She tells how her community Katunsama’s cultural identity is inherently tied to that of nature. When nature is threatened, so are her people. She carries a message from the community to the rest of the world of how we need to unite and act now before it is too late. 



Jonathan is a passionate climate activist dedicating his time to protecting Uganda’s wetlands. The wetlands are important sources of food, water and serve to capture large amounts of CO2. Jonathan shows how these beautiful areas are under threat from over-farming and drought.