Messaging This Moment : Supercharging climate comms

If you work on climate communications this project could be of use! We worked with some amazing partners to test effective ways to connect the cost of living and climate crisis to help enable action on both at once 💰🌍💚

The solutions to the cost of living crisis, and the climate crisis, are the same. Both are born from an over-reliance on Fossil Fuels , but certain portions of the media spin a different narrative. How we counter this effectively?

We worked with a brilliant coalition of experts, strategists and scientists to combine our skills and develop a series of messages which bridge the political divide and strive to move us towards affordable, clean energy. 

We discovered that three narrative messages worked very well to explicitly connect climate and the cost-of-living. To further test the messages we developed three types of film for each message – user-generated (tik tok) style, spokesperson and animated text – and tested them on social media measuring engagement and interactions across Facebook and TikTok to see how they connected with key shiftable audiences from Climate Outreache’s Britain Talks Climate segmentations. Check out the films and messages below. 

The successful messages have been deployed by organisations such as BAFTA, The United Nations, Greenpeace, The Climate Coalition, Climate 2025, WWF, The National Trust, Aviva, BLab and Arsenal Football Club. 

The Stats

  • Messages used by Ed Miliband on Sky News
  • Messages used by Professor Colin Davis on TalkTV
  • Used by organisations like BAFTA, UN Climate Champions, Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion

Watch the films here:

Messages in Action: