Mastercard : The Worlds Biggest Fan

Uwe Bindel is FC Bayern Munich's biggest fan and his story is incredible Huffington Post

The Fun Stuff

Meet the football fan who took on the Stasi. There is nothing that comes between this man and his beloved FC Bayern Munich.

To celebrate MasterCard’s sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League, Rubber Republic were commissioned by Carat to acknowledge the fans ahead of the Final in Berlin.

We find genuine passion creates the best engagement so we set out to find someone with unprecedented levels of commitment to their team. And we found him. Uwe Bindel.

Uwe grew up in East Berlin under the GDR and his devotion to a West German team regularly got him in trouble with the authorities. This culminated in a notorious incident with the German midfield legend, Lothar Matthäus over 30 years ago. Watch the film for the full story, but in brief, we researched and found this extraordinary story and then reunited Uwe and his family with Matthäus in a MasterCard #PricelessSurprise.

The Serious Bit

The film garnered over 1.67 million views and gained press coverage in the Huffington Post and football sites including

It also won a Midas award for best financial advertising.

The Stats

  • 1.67 Million Views
  • 363:1 Share Ratio

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