Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Little Thor Packs a Major Wallop in VW Ad Parody Time

The Fun Stuff

Paramount Films & Marvel approached us to help them raise awareness of the upcoming movie of one of the (at the time) lesser known hero’s in their portfolio – Thor. Due to the mildly humourous Kenneth Branagh directed tone of the film, they wanted to reach a broader audience than the comic book aficionados who knew the character already.

We created this deft parody of the trending VW “The Force” commercial.

The Serious Bit

The film got huge organic pickup online, resulting in a huge amount sharing, as well as coverage in top media sites across the globe, and achieving over 2.9 million views, 2.5 million of them in the first few weeks before the movie’s launch.

The Stats

  • 2.9 Million Views
  • 8:1 Share Ratio

The Media