Tourism Ireland : Kiss Me I'm Irish

#LoveDublin and #PictureBelfast show off the best of both cities Irish Independent

The Fun Stuff

Tourism Ireland wanted a fun way to engage audiences with Dublin and Belfast online. We created two videos with a playful game mechanic. In Dublin we took to the streets and asked couples to kiss. Some of them were real lovers, and others were strangers who’d never met. The audience had to see if they could guess which were which by testing their ability to recognise true love when they saw it.

The Serious Bit

In Belfast we challenged the design and photography communities to tell which of 8 pictures of Belfast we’d taken on a 30 year old Twin Lens Reflex camera with vintage stock, and which had been taken on an iPhone 5S with filter apps.

The Stats

  • 56:1 Share Ratio

The Media