Bebo : Its time to come clean

Best comeback video ever? It's Nice That

The Fun Stuff

In 2008 Bebo was going toe-to-toe with Facebook for social network dominance. Then AOL acquired it and the platform was consigned to the digital graveyard. In 2013 Michael Birch, the entrepreneur who had originally conceived Bebo, bought it back and wanted to announce that the second-coming of Bebo would be very different. This time there would be no cock-ups 😉

The Serious Bit

We scripted, shot and edited this brief teaser film for the site’s front page explaining what was happening, and hinting at the upcoming new, radically updated site to drive sign ups and engagement. This lead to lots of lots of nostalgia, a strong view / share ratio and over two hundred thousand sign ups for the new site. Not bad for a site no-one had thought about for about half a decade.

The Stats

  • 7:1 Share Ratio
  • 50k social interactions

The Media