It's Our Time : Climate Video Campaign

In collaboration with The Comms Lab and It's Our Time we created content to empower a young voter base to register for the general election.

The Fun Stuff

In the build-up to the once-in-a-generation election of 2019, we built a portfolio of content with It’s Our Time and The Comms Lab to encourage young people to register to vote and make environmental issues count.

Our strategy was to build content that was irreverent, cheeky and birthed in an explosive fusion of our favourite memes and gifs. Building on the visual style set by Damon Charles Studio the result was a visual and content identity which stood out from the rest of the barrage of the election based social content clogging up our feeds.

This fresh content was able to cut through the noise to provide young people with information on how they can register to vote and why they should consider voting with climate in mind, in a short and easily digestible way.

The Serious Bit

We created a suite of 10 pieces of content with different themes and worked with distribution partners If Not Now digital to target them at different audiences within the 18 – 30 target audience, iterating the content to improve performance. The films reached over 11 million people driving 146,000 clicks to the Government voter registration page. The best performing films were also used by influencers with mass reach (from Jack Harries to Clara Amfo), who took the content to their potential audience of 6.49 million. Finally the content was used in building projections and on mobile digital billboards in key voter locations, and Westminster.

To boost the reach and relevancy, we created specific location-based versions aimed at constituencies with the lowest young voter turnout such as Birmingham, Newport and Newcastle.

While this campaign was only one of a number encouraging young people to register to vote ahead of the election, the goal of getting 2 million climate concerned young people to register was exceeded, and 2.5 million young people registered in the 5 week window before the deadline.