Hackett & Williams F1 : The Pitstop

Hackett & Williams pull off the slickest pitstop ever WTF1

The Fun Stuff

We were given just one hour with the Williams F1 team at their pre-season testing weekend in Spain to shoot a video to announced Hackett as their new apparel partner.

The speed of pitstops is incredible. Watching them in super slo-mo is mesmerising. But enjoying them with the added sartorial elegance Hackett’s tailoring brought the William’s pitcrew bordered on the surreal. Our film was described by Ferrari’s team manager as the ‘coolest F1 video’ he’d seen that season. Claire Williams also asked for a photograph from the shoot to be framed for her office 🙂

The Serious Bit

The anonymous helmeted men in suits have since become a distinctive icon for Hackett, appearing in 2x subsequent films and inspiring through the line initiatives on and offline.

This is one of several examples Rubber Republic have conceived for brands who have partnered or sponsored sports events and athletes including Heineken & the Rugby World Cup; Mercedes-Benz & The British Open golf championship and Gillette’s brand ambassador Roger Federer.

The Stats

  • 30:1 Share Ratio

The Media

  • GQ magazine
  • Claire Williams desk 😉