Hackett & Williams F1 : The 70mph Skater

Check out 'The 70mph Skater'. Longboard downhill supremo Liam Morgan's lap of Paul Ricard Williams Martini Racing

The Fun Stuff

To celebrate the 2nd year of Hackett London’s sponsorship of Williams Racing, we took renowned downhill longboard supremo Liam Morgan to Paul Ricard circuit near Marseille, towed him up to between 50 and 70 mph behind a car, and flung him into the corners.

The resulting film brings to life the fantasy many skateboarders have of travelling at high speed on a racing circuit.

The Serious Bit

The film gained over 1 million organic views in its first week online, split across Hackett and Williams F1’s Facebook pages, as well as creating epic looking snippets that played on Instagram. A signed skateboard and helmet were auctioned off via social channels, and we managed to license William Onyebor’s “Fantastic Man” which found the film a further audience with music fans.

The Stats

  • 1.1 Million Views
  • 79:1 Share Ratio

The Media