Hackett London : Landing in Style

Hackett tested its new suit by parachuting it out of a plane GQ Magazine

The Fun Stuff

Following our two previous films for Hackett London, we took some of the top skydivers in Europe to Portugal to attempt to mix a cocktail in freefall whilst immaculately attired in Hackett’s splash and crease proof suits.

Everything in the film happened for real (apart from a little topping up for the shaker before pouring, due to spillage on the way down). Filmed in 4K video, we pushed the limits of skydiving camerawork by attaching a far larger camera to the head of the cameraman than usual, then proceeded to throw him and the team out of a plane 14 times in Southern Portugal.

The Serious Bit

The film gained over 2 million views and over 12,000 shares in its first 3 weeks online, as well as fashion press coverage in GQ and other titles across Europe.

Stills from the high resolution video, and a photoshoot on the ground created an unusual but super stylish seasonal campaign for Hackett. They also used the video in stores, and as the basis for a window display in their Regent Street office.

A PR event was organised in which journalists were taken skydiving by the same team at the same location, and a Facebook Canvas was launched which allowed viewers to view the video and then browse and shop the suit.

The Stats

  • 2.2 Million Views
  • 183:1 Share Ratio

The Media