eBay : Ultimate Dino Hideout

This dad dedicated 14 days of his life to build a dinosaur hideout for his son eBay UK

The Fun Stuff

eBay enables imaginative minds to create anything, because everything they need is available on eBay’s site.

We commissioned sculptor & prop builder Matthew to conceive and then realise a playhouse for his dino-mad son Patrick. In creating this ‘Ultimate Dino Hideout’ we were able to integrate the infinite range of items that eBay has to offer from toys to military periscopes, jesmonite to drones. Naturally it was the ‘fart cannon’ that most appealed.

The Serious Bit

Showing breadth of product range is a tricky advertising brief and not an immediately ’social’ proposition. However ‘The Ultimate Dino Hideout’ set the playbook for a continuing series of social videos that simply document remarkable creators creating remarkable things using materials and tools bought off eBay.

This simple but very effective creative strategy has been taken through the line and helped inspire the brand’s global repositioning as a facilitator of self expression and individual creativity.

The actual film was launched on eBay UK’s Facebook and YouTube channels, and received more than 3 million views and media coverage on sites including the Metro.

The Stats

  • 3 Million Views
  • 600:1 Share Ratio

The Media