eBay UK : The Red Claw

EBay that was brilliant. Your marketing department did you proud. Watch again 🙂 eBay UK

The Fun Stuff

It started as a rather dry brief to explain how eBay Local enables people living in the same neighbourhood to find items nearby that they might after. It quickly spiralled into an epic story of two foes bent on killing each other; but who couldn’t bear to live apart either.

‘The Red Claw’ allowed us to empty to the toy box and indulge our love of action films & power ballads while also communicating some key messages the online retailer needed their audience to know.

The Serious Bit

‘Socialising’ brand messaging is always tricky as audiences in this environment tend to resent being interrupted and sold to. Nevertheless this film performed well-above similar advertising KPIs and was seen over 2.63 million times. The share ratio and positive comments are further proof that entertainment outperforms advertising.

The Stats

  • 2.63 Million Views
  • 526:1 Share Ratio