eBay UK : Star Wars TIE Silencer

We built a life-size TIE Silencer with Colin Furze… and the internet approved!

The Fun Stuff

Following 2016’s AT-ACT, we finished up 2017 building a life sized TIE Fighter, achieving a massive 46 million views, and press attention worldwide.

This was our third project with YouTuber Colin Furze; and our first with XRobots aka James Bruton.

As with previous eBay project builds, all components needed to be sourced off eBay. The TIE Silencer and BB-9E were then taken to Burghley Park where we surprised a bunch of kids from a local Peterborough Light Saber Academy (yes, indeed there is a Light Saber Academy in Peterborough …how cool is that?).

The films smashed it and to top off the media frenzy, we made it onto BBC One’s ‘One Show’!

The Serious Bit

This project helped seal a commercial partnership between eBay & Disney which meant that eBay now carries more inventory of Star Wars merchandise than any other retailer. And the two companies are now looking forward to very exciting opportunities in 2018 across other Disney / Marvel properties.

Disney singled out our project as a ‘Best In Class’ example of brand partnerships Worldwide in 2017.

To showcase the new ‘Promoted Stories’, Snap Inc. allowed us to be one of the first UK brands to use their product

The Stats

  • 9 Million Views
  • 66:1 Share Ratio
  • 46 million views across all films

The Media