eBay UK : Pride 2017

Magic happens when a pony becomes a unicorn for Pride London

The Fun Stuff

eBay asked what we could do to help celebrate their involvement with Pride 2017 and create something that would make everybody smile. To stand out in the Pride parade you need to create something truly remarkable and we wanted our creation play with gender fluidity and make something that would challenge convention. So we set a team of creative people from the LGBTQ community to transform one of the most iconic ‘macho’ status symbols – a 1968 Ford Mustang – into a dazzling unicorn pulling a rainbow chariot behind it.

The float got an amazing reception from the crowd on the day of the parade which was particularly special for Karen’s mum who came along for the ride at her first ever Pride. And the comments on our videos further endorsed the support for this fabulous project.

(Oh, and, in case you were worried: we made sure all work on the car was completely reversible, so that it could be returned to its pre-unicorn state – should its new owners so desire!)

The Serious Bit

eBay UK have a genuine commitment to equality and diversity – and this is one of a bunch of films we have made to help tell this story while side-stepping sanctimony and worthiness.

After the event, we put the car up for auction – with all proceeds going to eBay UK’s partner charity The Albert Kennedy Trust (which supports young LGBT 16-25 year olds who have been made homeless or are living in hostile environments).

The Stats

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