eBay UK : Man vs Bus

A bendy man takes on the bendy bus to explain refurb’d technology!

The Fun Stuff

The premise was to create a film shot entirely on refurbished smartphones from eBay. This was to show the technical capabilities of nearly new gadgets, but we felt any demonstration really needed to put this kit through its paces. So we called on our friend, YouTube sensation and stuntman extraordinaire, Damien Walters to choreograph a stunt with us.

What he proposed was to run through a moving bus! Around 10x secondhand camera phones and a load of accessories (gimbals, lenses and battery packs) all bought on eBay were used to film this and the quality of the final film was very impressive indeed.

The Serious Bit

This video resulted in over 100k+ click throughs to eBay’s tech refurb page making it the most successful social video they have ever made when judged against this KPI.

Refurbished technology is a unique segment eBay were really keen to make a noise about. Not only can it offer savvy shoppers massive savings when they are looking to upgrade their smartphones and other gadgets, these purchases come with the guarantees and peace of mind one would only normally associate with brad new items.

Our film not only communicated this saliency, but managed to do so in an exhilarating way. At the time of launch this video had the longest view to completion rate of any of eBay UK’s social videos and helped set a template of how to work with other YouTube creators releasing dual videos on both their and eBay’s social platforms.

The Stats

  • 4.8 Million Views
  • 1455:1 Share Ratio
  • 100k Click throughs to eBay tech refurb page