eBay : The Tourettes Mobile

Her reaction will make your day! eBay UK

The Fun Stuff

Jess Thom is Touretteshero – the World’s First Tourettes Superhero! But she needed a specially adapted van for her upcoming comedy tour of the UK.

eBay motors wanted us to create a shareable social video showing off the range of parts, new and old, that you can buy from their range of sellers.

We set maverick vehicle hacker Bruce Holder to work creating a van fit for a superhero – taking styling cues from 70’s Vanning (and the A-Team) – using only eBay motors, and his imagination. Bruce and the team created The Tourettesmobile, Jess’s own superhero transport, customised with features referencing her tics, and personalised to facilitate easy movement from her wheelchair to the van and back again.

We revealed the final result to Jess and her team in a studio in London and filmed the results.

The Serious Bit

The film was posted on eBay UK’s Facebook page and has been viewed over 4.7 million times and received a hugely warm reception.

The vehicle is still in use as Jess and her team’s tour vehicle, turning heads whenever she turns up at events, gigs or festivals.

The Stats

  • 4.7 Million Views
  • 157:1 Share Ratio

The Media