eBay UK : Curve

Every body is beautiful. eBay launches Plus Size segment with eBay Curve

The Fun Stuff

When we made these films the ‘Plus Size’ category was barely acknowledged by brands and retailers. Our ‘Reset the Rules’ series of films were part of eBay’s announcement of their new Curve hub – a service to make it easier for shoppers to find and see plus-size clothing online. A formidable line-up of remarkable ladies fronted 3x films: each offering an intimate and very personal perspective of their clothes buying experiences.

The Serious Bit

This wasn’t just another brand jumping on a social #issue. eBay understood that it was able offer a valuable service to those whom most retailers and mainstream media ignored. And that value cut both ways as the success of this launch enabled eBay to take a 29% market share of the ‘Plus Size’ online retail sector.

Our videos starring professional plus-size models Tess Holliday and Bishamber Das, as well as bloggers, a ballerina and fitness instructor were released across eBay UK’s social media channels. They quickly attracted more than 100,000 organic views – and the campaign as a whole was hugely successful in helping eBay enter a new market category.

The Videos

The Stats

  • 2.3 Million Views
  • 90% average view to completion
  • Award for best global campaign by eBay 2016

The Media

  • Daily Mail Online