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Myth busting some of the year’s most confusing online moments.

The Fun Stuff

At the end of 2018 our friends at asked us to myth bust some of the year’s most confusing online moments. So we set about trying to explain things like ‘Yanny & Laurel’ and Kanye West’s tiny sandals to anyone struggling to wrap their head around what exactly was going on.

We knew that the audience for this film was broad, so the film had to be as accessible as possible without missing out on some of the funnier obscurities points. We needed a way to make sure that we were hitting the mark.

Twitter became our barometer. We ran searches to find out what people were confused about and created explanations in reaction to the tweets.

The Serious Bit

We wanted a lot of warmth in the film and need to make sure it stood out against stock imagery but felt native to Facebook and Instagram, and was eye-catching to anyone scrolling through their feed.

We opted to forgo a traditional animation route in favour of a more practical and hands-on visual style. Cue bright, bold colourama backgrounds, abstract props and bags of humour and personality. Using Day-Glo Instagram legends like Matt Crump and Violet Tinder as our spirit guides, we amped up the camp and embraced the soft pastel rainbow spectrum to create a series of lively, bold vignettes.

The Stats

  • 1.6 Million Views