NBC Universal : Christmas Gift Experiment

Commuters receive a random gift and are asked to give it to a stranger. Would you keep it, or give it? The Birmingham Mail

The Fun Stuff

We thought it would in the Christmas spirit to give commuters some free presents… the twist was that they then needed to give those gifts to a total stranger nearby in the station.

We had absolutely no idea how people would react (and we did happen on a couple of Scrooges), but the genuine surprise and reactions of both the givers and recipients helped make this the most organically viewed film we have ever made.

The Serious Bit

Christmas24 is a pop-up channel that NBCUniversal launch each year ahead of Christmas showing back-to-back Christmas movies. They had a fiercely loyal audience and a brand line ‘Christmas As It Should Be’. But they lacked any social content which is when they called us. This recognition of how social video could be an effortless way to promote their channel delivered them over 31 million organic views and a load of very positive PR coverage in December.

The Stats

  • 32 Million Views
  • 74:1 Share Ratio

The Media