Chicago Town : Pizza Lovers Paradise

We did it. We built the ultimate Pizza Lover’s Paradise!

The Fun Stuff

There wasn’t a formal brief, but over plenty of conversation we heard that Chicago Town wanted to engage ‘true pizza fanatics’ & get them talking about, and excited about Chicago Town pizza.

Pizza is probably the Internet’s favourite food, with memes and shareable gifs everywhere, so we knew we could have a huge amount of fun and engage an audience of pizza lovers if we turned it up to 11 and made something visually bombastic, fun and engaging.

There wasn’t a specific product to focus on, instead this was a broader brand awareness piece, that could feature multiple hero products within the pizza portfolio.

So we settled on building the ultimate Pizza Lover’s Paradise, a home for the ultimate pizza fan, and invited a pizza loving influencer down to sample the delights and take in the mad surroundings.

The Serious Bit

We partnered with one of Facebook’s largest publishers ‘Unilad’ and rising BBC3 comedienne Jahannah James.

We produced:
Over 10 video assets
19 gifs
100 stills

The campaign had over 1.7million total views, drove 32,000 social interactions and 27,000 clicks through to site.

And finally… we ate approximately 10,000 slices of pizza in the process.

The Stats

  • 1.7 Million Views
  • 551:1 Share Ratio

The Media