May 24, 2012

Please let us ‘Patron-ize’ you

Lever…age? Arbitr…age? There’s a new ‘…age’ in Business Town and it’s called ‘Patron-age’.

We’ve been trying to decide for a while now how to celebrate genuinely awesome remarkable campaigns?

We wanted something symbolic of ‘Excess’ (smashing campaign targets & expectations) and ‘Good Times’ (it is a fantastic feeling seeing work being picked up, enjoyed & shared widely on the internets).

And what better embodies these qualities than the finest Tequila money can buy?

So from now on we will be toasting remarkable success with Patron.

How are we going to define such success? The volume of earned engagement must exceed 80% of the engagement achieved through bought channels. You could say this Tequila will be 80% proof 🙂

Each bottle of Patron is made from hand-blown glass and individually numbered. These bottle numbers will be logged against the campaign we have ‘Patron-ized’ and the shots will be on the house [NB: Salt & lemons are very much frowned upon with tequila of this quality].

*Drum roll* …The first bottle of Patron [No. 278516 PSM] is awarded to our Peugeot ‘Let Your Body Drive’ film. We will be raising our (shot) glasses to Marquese, Nick & Ollie (Peugeot) and Craig & Chris (Initials Marketing).

And if anyone reading this fancies being ‘Patron-ized’, please drop us line. I think we could develop a taste for this stuff.