February 16, 2007

Pay per post move into videos

Much maligned blog ad network PayPerPost is to launch new ad offerings including the video capabilities.

Not a huge amount of info is available on this, however the first stories coming out of industry site ClickZ report that there will be three video ad offerings: advertisers will be able to pay bloggers to create videos about their goods and services, as well as run pre- and post-roll ads around blogger-produced spots.

In a viral marketing environment where seeding / media placement is becoming critical to get initial eye-balls, this is an interesting development. When I first heard that PayPerPost were adding video capacity I’d imagined that they may be looking to move onto the viral seeding territory – paying individuals to place content for brands, however PayPerPost seem to be stuck in a product-based mentality.

Predictions for the next year, include new services which offer a more formalised pay-per-placement service, helping guarantee eye-balls for virals – something which clients are now demanding