November 14, 2018

Our Videos are F***ing Great

Why entertainment is the ultimate growth hacking tool.

 This video for Missfits Nutrition that was doing the rounds last week inevitably brought to mind the Dollar Shaves Club “launch” video.

Why would they want to copy that? Well Dollar Shave Club sold to Unilever for a $1BN, so that’s quite a lot of reasons.

But if you view Missfits side by side with the original Dollar Shave Club video you can potentially see that the how is a bit more difficult.

Now, the Missfits Nutrition launch video definitely isn’t aimed at me, but the DSC one was definitely aimed at people like me (like me but American).  So maybe that is why it resonates more, but both are trying to do the same thing.

To take some clear product messages and wrap them up in relatable entertainment that helps to build the brand.  The DSC film was so successful it cause supply chain problems, I hope Missfits have the same issues.

Investing in executing something like that can be scary for a relatively small, growing business,  It shouldn’t be. Done right, it can accelerate growth.

But why would you do it when all of your SEM, SEO, PPA, PPC, etc. is all going pretty damn well? Surely you would just invest in that and optimise it to the nth degree.

Well of course you should, but all of your competitors will be doing the same, and over time you will find you are investing more and returning less.

Investing in advertising will help you expand your purchase funnel.  Investing in entertainment will help you find fans of your brand and attitude to do that for you.  And they’ll keep coming back for more.

It might seem riskier than all of the linear PPC models, but the real risk is waiting for them to dry up.

Anyone familiar with Charles Handy will know that the best time to be innovating is when things are onthe up, otherwise the investment is going to hit you twice as hard. As (hopefully) this image from the “Empty Raincoat” shows.

That investment in creatively entertaining your target audience is going to get you and your business where you want to be faster.  Ahead of the curve and ahead of your competitors.  Why? because you are focused on your audience and what they want, and how your product can be brought to life in a way that they connect with.

Dollar Shaves Club allegedly shot their original film for $4,500.  Though that rather ignores the 8 years spent studying improvisational comedy and career in digital marketing of the CEO and Star.  Safe to say he wasn’t charging for his time.

If you don’t have his experience (or comic timing) then perhaps we can help.  Investing in entertainment can drive your growth at a fraction of the cost of traditional brand marketing.  If you get it right, people will be gravitating towards it.

That’s why it works better than most advertising, people see a human truth and they reach for it.

We have an unrivalled track record of consistent success in this area. Or to put it another way.

Our films are F***ing great.