May 12, 2008

Online Video Stats

1 in 10 of us watches online video daily, according to latest stats from the Leichtmann Research Group and this rises to 1 in 3 of us weekly (all this makes my own online video consumption levels seem greedy and sordid.)

Other key findings form the report:

* Among all individuals ages 18-34, 42% report that they watch video online at home at least weekly – up from 28% last year
* Among all individuals ages 35 and above, 15% watch video online at home at least weekly – compared to 13% last year
* Men ages 18-34 account for 40% of those who view video online on a daily basis, while comprising just 17% of online subscribers in the sample
* 9% of those who watch video online strongly agree that they now watch TV less often
* 52% of online video users typically spend ten minutes or less when they view online video at home
* 9% of all online watched a recent episode of a TV show online in the past week
* Among all online, just 4% strongly agree that they would consider disconnecting their TV service to only watch video online

(these were based on a study of 1250 households)

Most interesting here is the increase of 14% in video usage for those aged 18-34, a significant swing in the last year in the internet habits of this age group.