Hi Oliver,

Here is some relevent work we thought you would like! >>

The 82 Year Old Rebel: A Rubber Republic original short documentary following an 82 year old climate activist whose mission is to go to prison.

Taylors Bees: This playful Wes Anderson homage gained over a million views by saying thank you to the bees who helped create Taylors herbal tees. Whilst the key “Bee Hotel” was tongue in cheek, the wider campaign encouraged customers to create their own Bee Hotel’s by planting seeds Taylors supplied in their gardens.

The Motherhood: Fiat and their agency Krow asked us to create a rap about being a mum. We wrote, recorded and shot this hip hop homage which gained over 5 million views (and spawned a follow up for the fathers)

Christmas Gift Experiment: The most organically viewed film we have made (32 million views) created by some geniune christmas spirit as we challenged strangers to give each other presents.

Want more? Here is our showreel highlighting our best moments and a link to the rest of our portfolio.