February 12, 2013

Oh, hello there


Tiff’s out the office today so it falls to me, the newbie, Tom (or Wayne – either’s good) to provide February’s bloggery. Here goes. Sorry – I should introduce myself properly: Hello. I’m Tom. I write things. So… I hate to start with bad news but…

Yes. He’s gone. But don’t worry. There’ll be another.

We couldn’t help wonder as we stroked our rubbery chins whether old Hitler Youth B-Ratz would have seen the funny side of this.

It’s true. Fox news didn’t spot that there was two womens in their article about how traditional gender roles are essential for marriage. Buzzfeed did. Oh come on – we all have our off days. At least it’s not two men. That’s at least twice as evil.

Speaking of evil – no, that is not an appropriate segway to talking about slow internet connection but this cartoon on The Oatmeal was a timely, and oddly sexual reminder that sometimes all or nothing is better than something…

And finally, if you you overdid it this weekend, said something you shouldn’t have, slept with the wrong person – don’t worry – it happens – rest assured they’ll always be someone more annoying than you. This guy…