November 8, 2018


“The real fact of the matter is that nobody reads ads.  People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad”

Howard Luck Gossage – the Socrates of San Francisco – said that back in the sixties, and fast forward 50 odd years it has never been harder for your advertising to get attention.

Key entertainment channels are crowded with advertising.  Audiences are increasingly blocking, skipping or just plain opting out from creative both good and bad.

Why? Because so little of it starts with any empathy for the audience themselves.

It takes a product or service and tries to find a way to make it relevant to a desired audience.  It should be the other way around.

The solution?  Be part of the entertainment not the advertising.

Approaching your marketing as entertainment forces you to think about the audience first.  About whether you want to make them laugh or cry, say ‘hmm this is interesting’ or ‘WOW that was amazing!’

At Rubber Republic we have been helping brands use video to do that for well over a decade.

Why video? Well it isn’t going away.  Already 58% of all consumer downstream traffic is video, and YouTube and On Demand subscription services account for 29% of daily viewing in the UK.

What do these statistics mean? They suggest that Brand owners should be thinking more like commissioners of entertainment than anything else.

That’s how you stand out to and connect with consumers, by gaining their interest.

If commissioning original entertainment sounds scary (and expensive), it doesn’t have to be.

Drop us a line let’s have a conversation about your audience and what we can do that will capture their imagination.

After all, people don’t really watch advertising, they watch what interests them. Sometimes, that could be your ad.